Question: I am interested in introducing jumblebee to my community, what will it cost?

Answer: jumblebee is free to communities and free to users. jumblebee is funded by local, regional and national sponsors.

Question: My community would not want sponsors appearing, can I still use jumblebee?

Answer: Attracting sponsors is one of the fundraising tools for the community so it is recommended that sponsors are accepted. If a particular sponsor is not compatible with your community then you do have the right to veto that sponsor. If you do not want sponsors to appear then you can still introduce jumblebee but a license fee would be charged to cover costs.

Question: How does my community raise funds from jumblebee?

Answers: jumblebee provides a number of fundraising tools, one or more of which may be used by your community. A fuller description is available on this website but these tools include:

  • buying and selling of personal items between members of the community, with a % of the proceeds donated to the fund
  • free electronic event ticketing
  • online silent auctions
  • sponsorship opportunities
  • creation of an online community shop

Question: Does jumblebee take a % of any transactions e.g. the proceeds from the sale of a personal item, tickets or silent auction items?

Answer: No, the only funding of jumblebee is from sponsors, the only deductions from any electronic transaction are the external transaction fees i.e. credit card or paypal fees.

Question: To use jumblebee I have to register my personal email details, will these be passed on to external companies?

Answer: No, our privacy policy does not allow this.

Question: As a registered user will I be contacted from the jumblebee website?

Answer: The only contact you may receive will be:
1. Contact from buyers if you are selling an item
2. Contact from respondants to a buzz notice-board message you have posted
3. Ticket or shop receipts if you have purchased an item
4. Successful or outbid notices if you participate in a silent auction
5. Occasional informational contact from jumblebee

Question: Do you monitor the website for inappropriate content, e.g. items posted for sale and buzz notice-board messages?

Answer: jumblebee is a self-policing site. Every user agrees to the jumblebee terms and conditions on registering, and these terms include a clear policy on what is non-allowable content. Every posting carries the name of the registered user alongside the posting, together with a "report item" link. jumblebee will remove inappropriate content that has been reported. jumblebee will also browse the site on a continuous basis and will remove any inappropriate content that it finds, but this is not an exhaustive process and there is an emphasis on users in the local community to report any inappropriate content.